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Areas of tax jurisdiction

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Advice and assistance in relations with the Financial Administration in the field of direct and indirect, national and international taxation, in the interest of companies, individuals and entities. Preparation of tax returns, national and international tax planning. Advice and assistance in tax litigation.


Advice and assistance on corporate law (constitution, modification and dissolution, relations between shareholders) and on non-commercial entities. Consultancy and assistance in the formation of contracts and for problems related to their execution. Advice and assistance in relations with the Chamber of Commerce.

Corporate, non-profit and contractual

Consultancy and assistance for the preparation of financial statements of non-profit organizations, single companies and consolidated financial statements, in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code, national and international accounting principles and tax laws. Technical advice on the evaluation and representation criteria of individual balance sheet items, as well as on the correctness of specific accounting operations.

Budget and Accounting

Consultancy and assistance for the acquisition and sale of companies, mergers, demergers, transfers and sales of business complexes, company transformations and creation of joint-ventures.

Extraordinary Operations

Bankruptcy, arrangement with creditors e  extraordinary administration.

Assistance in insolvency procedures

Advice and assistance to businesses and individuals for asset settlements and declarations of succession, relations with the Financial Administration and competent Offices.

Patrimonial accommodations
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